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 +====== 1-DEC-DC ======
 +== 4-fold decoder for single coil turnouts for DCC Digital and LGB, PIKO G, KATO, TOMIX and ROKUHAN turnout drives from our Digital-Professional-Series ! ==
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 +==== 1-DEC-DC for the digital switching of single coil turnout drives for DCC digital-systems as finished module in a case. ====
 +====== Features of the 1-DEC-DC ======
 +**For the digital control of:**
 +    * Up to **4 LGB turnout drives (LGB Part No. EPL 12010)**.
 +    * Up to **4 PIKO G turnout drives (PIKO Part No. 35271)**.
 +    * Up to **4 KATO (UNITRACK) turnout drives with the exception of the Double Crossover Track 20-210.**.{{:de:logo:logo_kato.jpg?180x36}}
 +    * Up to **4 TOMIX turnout drives**.
 +    * Up to **4 ROKUHAN turnout drives**.
 +    * Each **output** can be loaded with nominal current up to **1 Ampere**.
 +**Simple and secure connection** of electrical power supply and turnout drives by **screw clips**. The **power is supplied** to the decoder either from the **digital circuitry** or through a **separate input** directly from the **alternating current** (AC) output of a model railway transformer (12 to 18V~). **Valuable digital current can be saved !**
 +**1-DEC-DC** is a 4-fold decoder with self learning decoder address:
 +    * The decoder address can be set by just pushing the 1-DEC-DC programming key and then a key of the turnout switchboard (also **LGB Universalhandy 55015**) or by a switch command through a **PC** with connected **INTERFACE**.
 +    * The decoder address will be permanently stored, but can always be changed by pressing the programming key again. **It’s as simple as that !**
 +    * Available as a ready for use **finished module**, **finished module in a case** or as a **kit** on a 86%%*%%76 mm pc-board with 4 bores for mounting purposes (suitable installation material) and a splash water protected case **G-2-DEC** for outside application can be ordered under [[:en:zubehoer|accessories]]).
 +    * Switching of turnouts or signals with the **LGB Universalhandy 55015** is possible. For programming the 1-DEC-DC decoder is the "Programmer" not required.
 +    * The **1-DEC-DC** can now shift **turnouts** with the **function keys F1** to **F4** of **loc-addresses** (e.g. **Lokmaus 2<sup>®</sup>and R3<sup>®</sup>from Roco**)!
 +    * Decoder from our //**Digital-Professional-Series**// can be operated without any difficulty from your digital controlled model railway. This decoder is **100% compatible** with the **DCC standard**. The finished module and the finished module in a case comes with **24 month warranty**.
 +    * Each **1-DEC-DC** Decoder will be supplied with a detailed **operating-/respectively assembly instruction**. Those instructions can be found within the next section.
 +====== Downloads ======
 +Instructions regarding this article can be found here: [[:en:dl_1_dec_dc|Downloads 1-DEC-DC]].\\
 +Instructions for all LDT-Components can be found here: [[:en:downloads|Overview Downloads]].
 +====== Sample-Connections ======
 +Sample-connections regarding this article can be found here: [[:en:ab_1_dec_dc|Sample-Connections 1-DEC-DC]].\\
 +Sample-connections for all LDT-Components can be found here: [[:en:anschlussbeispiele|Overview Sample-Connections]].\\
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 +====== Add to Wish List / Prices ======
 +**Attention: Products can only be added to the Wish List, if you are registered as customer at the LDT WebShop or if you are initially registered by interest of our products**.
 +^{{:de:images:noticelist_m.png}} |{{:de:images:blindgif.gif?350x1}} \\ <html>Add to <b><u class="linkit" onclick="toNoticeList('110411');">Wish List</u></b></html>: **1-DEC-DC-B** (Part-No.: 110411): 4-fold turnout decoder for **DCC digital-systems**\\ as a **kit** (**38,90 €***).\\ <html>Add to <b><u class="linkit" onclick="toNoticeList('110412');">Wish List</u></b></html>: **1-DEC-DC-F** (Part-No.: 110412): 4-fold turnout decoder for **DCC digital-systems**\\ as a **finished module** (**52,90 €***).\\ <html>Add to <b><u class="linkit" onclick="toNoticeList('110413');">Wish List</u></b></html>: **1-DEC-DC-G** (Part-No.: 110413): 4-fold turnout decoder for **DCC digital-systems** \\ as a **finished module in a case** (**56,30 €***).\\ {{:de:images:blindgif.gif?580x1}} \\  ** * All prices incl. VAT, plus Shipping.**  |
 +Subject to technical changes and errors.\\
 +© 2016 by LDT \\
 +[[:en:1-dec-dc#1-dec-dc|{{  :de:images:zurueck_en_page.png?40x32}}]] <sub>Märklin and Motorola are registered trade marks.</sub>
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