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 +====== DB-4 ======
 +=== DigitalBooster (for 2.5 or 4.5 Ampere) from the Digital-Professional-Series! ===
 +== Amplification of the data formats Märklin-Motorola, mfx®, M4 and DCC. ==
 +{{  :de:foto:db-4-g_14_ic.jpg  }}
 +The **D**igital**B**ooster **DB-4** is a **short circuit protected Power-Amplifier** (**Booster**) for digital model railway layouts. It provides a **digital current** of up to **2.5 or 4.5 Ampere**.
 +{{  :de:cad:db-4-g_01_14.gif  }}
 +With the **galvanic separated booster connections** is it possible to connect the **DigitalBooster DB-4** to **several command stations**.
 +{{  :de:cad:db-4-02_14.gif  }}
 +==== The sample connection shows how to connect the DB-4 to the Central Station 2 with the “Kabel Booster 1m” via the 5-poles booster bus. An own isolated track section will be provided with up to 2.5 or 4.5 Ampere digital current. ====
 +====== Features of the DB-4 ======
 +    * The **DigitalBooster DB-4** amplifies the **data formats Märklin-Motorola, mfx®, M4** and **DCC**.
 +    * The **galvanic separated booster connections** enables the application of the **DigitalBooster DB-4** in connection with **several command stations** by using the **5-poles Boosterbus**, the **CDE-Boosterbus** or the **Roco-Boosterbus**:
 +^{{:de:images:blindgif.gif?300x1}} ^**5-poles booster bus**  ^**CDE-booster bus**  ^**Roco-booster bus**  |
 +^**Control Unit**  |  **X**  |  |  |
 +^**Central Station 1**  |  **X**  |  **X**  |  |
 +^**Central Station 2**  |  **X**  |  |  |
 +^**Mobile Station 2 with Track Box**  |  |  **X**  |  |
 +^**ECoS 1 (50000)**  |  **X**  |  **X**  |  |
 +^**ECoS 2 (50200)**  |  **X**  |  **X**  |  |
 +^**Intellibox 1**  |  **X**  |  **X**  |  |
 +^**IB-Basic**  |  |  **X**  |  |
 +^**IB-COM**  |  |  **X**  |  |
 +^**Intellibox 2**  |  **X**  |  **X**  |  |
 +^**EasyControl**  |  **X**  |  **X**  |  |
 +^**DiCoStation**  |  **X**  |  |  |
 +^**KeyCommander**  |  **X**  |  |  |
 +^**TWIN-CENTER**  |  **X**  |  **X**  |  |
 +^**Roco 10761 (multiMAUS)**  |  |  |  **X**  |
 +^**Roco 10764 (multiMAUS)**  |  |  |  **X**  |
 +^**Fleischmann 680801 (multiMAUS)**  |  |  |  **X**  |
 +^**Roco / Fleischmann multiZENTRALEpro**  |  |  |  **X**  |
 +^**Roco / Fleischmann z21 and Z21**  |  |  |  **X**  |
 +^**Lenz Digital plus LZ100**  |  |  **X**  |  |
 +^**Lenz Digital plus LZV200**  |  |  **X**  |  |
 +^**Viessmann Commander**  |  **X**  |  **X**  |  |
 +{{  :de:foto:db-4-powersupply_mwa.jpg  }}
 +    * The **DigitalBooster DB-4** will not get the power supply from a common model railway transformer but from the **DB-4 PowerSupply**. This power supply provides a **stabilized digital track current** of **15, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 Volt** as required to the relevant track gauge. The **120VA DB-4-PowerSupply** is suitable for the operation on **mains voltage** of **110 to 240 VAC** and a **frequency** of **50 to 60 Hertz**.
 +Further **special features** will provide a **smooth operation** not only for PC and Model Railway Software controlled Model railway layouts:
 +    * With a **jumper (“Short Report”)** can be the **DigitalBooster DB-4** set to the function that a short circuit will be reported to the command station to initiate a switch-off of all boosters or switching off the single track section where the short circuit was reported from.
 +    * With the **jumper (“Auto Go”)** can be the **DigitalBooster DB-4** set to the function that the unit will continuous check every 5 sec. if a short circuit will be present. If the short circuit will be solved the **DigitalBooster DB-4** will supply the relevant track section with current again.
 +    * With a further **Jumper** is it possible to set the **maximum digital output current** of the **DigitalBooster DB-4** to **2.5 or 4.5 Ampere**.
 +    * The **DigitalBooster DB-4** provides the possibility to **switch-OFF and -ON** the current at the tracks of the layout by **external push buttons**. This can be helpful if the stop button of the command station will be at a far distance by a critical situation.
 +    * If the model railway layout will be controlled by a **PC-Model Railway Software** is it possible to switch the track **digital current ON or Off** via the **Digital Booster DB-4** if required with the **Märklin-Motorola- or DCC-Commands**.
 +    * **Integrated WatchDog-Function**: If the **WatchDog-Function** will be activated by the model railway software, the **DB-4** will control additionally the **PC** and the **command station**. If the PC or the model railway software will not get in contact to the **DB-4** every **5 seconds** with a switch command is the **software of the PC-** or the **command station** crashed and the model railway software has **no** longer control about the **model railway layout**. To **avoid** that **trains** will **travel non-controlled** the **DB-4** will **switch** in this case the **rails off from power supply** and all **trains will be stopped**.
 +    * The **DigitalBooster-DB-4** provides a **Feedback-Output** for the **Booster Management** of the Model Railway Software to provide a report to the **model railway software** if presently a current will be supplied to the tracks or if the tracks at the booster section will be current free.
 +    * The **DigitalBooster DB-4** is able to create the **RailCom<sup>®</sup>-cutout** within the **DCC-Operation** provided that the jumper **“RailCom”** has been inserted.
 +    * LDT-Components from the **Digital-Professional-Series** can operate on your digital layout without any problems.
 +    * The finished module in a case comes with **24 month warranty**.
 +    * Each **DigitalBooster DB-4** will be supplied with a detailed **operating-/respectively assembly-instruction**. Those instructions can be found within the next section.
 +    *  You can purchase the **DigitalBooster DB-4** as a **kit (-B)** or as a tested **finished module in a case (-G)**. Suitable **assembly material** is available under [[:en:zubehoer|Accessories]].
 +====== Downloads ======
 +Instructions regarding this article can be found here: [[:en:dl_boo_db4|Downloads DB-4]].\\
 +Instructions for all LDT-Components can be found here: [[:en:downloads|Overview Downloads]].
 +====== Sample-Connections ======
 +Sample-connections regarding this article can be found here: [[:en:ab_db_4|Sample-Connections DB-4]].\\
 +Sample-connections for all LDT-Components can be found here: [[:en:anschlussbeispiele|Overview Sample-Connections]].\\
 +{{  :de:cad:page_1117.gif  }}
 +====== Add to Wish List / Prices ======
 +**Attention: Products can only be added to the Wish List, if you are  registered as customer at the LDT WebShop or if you are initially  registered by interest of our products.**
 +^{{:de:images:noticelist_m.png}} |{{:de:images:blindgif.gif?500x1}} \\ <html>Add to <b><u class="linkit" onclick="toNoticeList('080071');">Wish List</u></b></html>: **DB-4-B** (Part-No.: 080071): **Short circuit protected DigitalBooster (2.5 / 4.5 Ampere)** as a **kit** (**84,90 €***).\\ <html>Add to <b><u class="linkit" onclick="toNoticeList('080073');">Wish List</u></b></html>: **DB-4-G** (Part-No.: 080073): **Short circuit protected DigitalBooster (2.5 / 4.5 Ampere)** as a\\ **finished module in a case** (**129,90 €***).\\  \\ <html>Add to <b><u class="linkit" onclick="toNoticeList('000135');">Wish List</u></b></html>: **DB-4 PowerSupply** (Part-No.: 000135): **Power Supply for the Digital Booster DB-4** as a\\ **finished module in a case** (**49,90 €***).\\ {{:de:images:blindgif.gif?580x1}} \\  ** * All prices incl. VAT, plus Shipping.**  |
 +====== To assure a good connection: Booster Bus Cable! =====
 +    * We **supply** the **DigitalBooster DB-4 without booster bus cable**. **Please select** a **suitable cable** from the below table.
 +^For a connection via the 5-poles Booster bus e.g. with Märklin Control Unit, Central Station 1 and 2, DiCoStation, KeyCom and Intellibox, TWIN-CENTER, EasyControl, ECoS, Commander and further DigitalBooster DB-4 to each other. |
 +|**[[:en:zubehoer|Kabel Booster 1m]]**  |
 +^For a connection via the CDE-Booster bus e.g. Lenz Digital plus, Intellibox, IB-BASIC, IB-COM, TWIN-CENTER, EasyControl, ECoS and Commander. |
 +|There is no special booster bus cable required because the connection will be made individual by three single wires via the CDE clamps. |
 +^For a connection via the Roco-Booster bus with Roco 10761/10764, Fleischmann 680801, multiZENTRALEpro, z21/Z21 and several DigitalBooster DB-4 between each other. |
 +|**[[:en:zubehoer|Kabel Roco 1m]]**  |
 +[[:en:db-4#db-4|{{  :de:images:zurueck_en_page.png?40x32}}]] Subject to technical changes and errors.\\
 +Märklin and Motorola are registered trade marks.\\
 +%%*%%*RailCom® is a registered trademark of Firma Lenz Elektronik, Giessen/Germany.\\
 +© 2017 by LDT
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