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 +====== Downloads: Data switch for the s88-feedback bus ======
 +[[:en:downloads|> To overview: Downloads]]\\
 +[[:en:dsw-88-n|> To product description: DSW-88-N]]\\
 +[[:en:produkte#s88-feedback_bus|> To product selection: s88-feedback bus]]\\
 +**With the Data switch DSW-88-N for the s88-feedback bus can be splitted into two lines at any place of the model railway layout. Several DSW-88 can be used to build one ore more feedback lines. For s88-standard connections via 6-poles s88-pin bars or s88-N via RJ-45 sockets.**
 +{{  :de:foto:dsw-88-n_10_01.jpg  }} 
 +^//Data switch//  \\ {{:de:images:simple_line.gif?200}} ^ [[:en:DSW-88-N|DSW-88-N]]  \\ {{:de:images:simple_line.gif?300}} ^//file//  \\ {{:de:images:simple_line.gif?45}} ^//edition// \\ {{:de:images:simple_line.gif?45}}  |
 +|**Assembly instruction**  | **Kit ** | **{{:en:anleitungen:dsw88n_05_10_en.pdf|PDF}} ** | **07/2019**  |
 +^Operating instruction  ^Kit and finished module in a case  ^{{:en:anleitungen:dsw88n_06_10_en.pdf|PDF}}   ^07/2019  |
 +All examples are available on the following page: [[:en:ab_dsw_88-n|sample connections for DSW-88-N]] \\ \\ 
 +Subject to technical changes and errors.\\ © 2019 by LDT \\ \\ <sub>
 +Märklin and Motorola are registered trade marks. </sub> \\ \\
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