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Digital book

Be a Digital-Professional
Driving – Switching – Feedback
Author: Henning Kriebel

The unique digital book for the beginner and for the advanced model rail-roader.

The digital technique introduced a new age period for the controlling and operation of model railroad layouts.
But please don`t be afraid. Everybody who operates a model railway layout will have the capability for the successful implementation of digital components. He will profit from the very simple wiring and from the nearly realistic operation of the layout components.
This book relates to the pure practice. It will open the entrance into the digital model railway technique on an easy and understandable way. There will be some absolutely required basics described for the practical application for driving, switching and feedback.
The decades of experience with many model rail-roader and their specific layouts made by the company LDT will guarantee a very practical representation of various tasks and problems and will offer the required solution.
The author is an experienced model rail-roader who knows about the small and larger practical problems of a digital controlled layout. Therefore the reader will make profit from the applied specialized knowledge.

Sample of contents:

  • Short and understandable: digital data transfer;
  • No problem: two- or three-conductor systems within the digital controlled operation;
  • Booster on small and bigger layouts;
  • Switching of turnouts, signals and illumination;
  • Control of turntables;
  • Feedback reports of two- and three-conductor systems;
  • Fast feedback reports via High Speed Interfaces (HSI);
  • Simple solutions of reverse loop problems.

And many more issues.
164 pages with 171 illustrations and 10 graphics (available in German language only!).

New edition is now available.

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