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We offer high quality Digital Electronic Components for the digital control of model-railways as low cost kits or fully tested finished modules at very competitive prices.

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kit (-B) finished module (-F) finished module in a case (-G)

Digital components from our Digital-Professional-Series!

  • for the Märklin-Motorola-Format (e.g. Märklin Digital~, Märklin Systems, Intellibox, EasyControl, ECoS, DiCoStation, KeyCom-MM, EDiTS, EDiTS Pro).
  • for Märklin Central Station 1, Central Station 2, Central Station 3 and Central Station 3 plus. With reason to the possible external power supply and the inclusion of a galvanic separation between digital electrical circuit and the power supply is an application at the Central Station 1 (60212), 2 (60213/60214/60215), 3 (60226) and 3 plus (60216) possible without any problem. Sample connection for downloading can be found here.
  • for the DCC Digital-Controlled Layouts (e.g. Lenz Digital Plus, Tillig-Digital, Arnold Digital, Digitrax, Märklin Digital=, Roco Digital, LGB Digital, Intellibox, TWIN-CENTER, PIKO digital, EasyControl, ECoS, DiCoStation, KeyCom-DC, Zimo).
  • LDT-Decoder from the Digital-Professional-Series are multi protocol compatible. For this feature stays this sign.
    The application is also possible on multilingual programming, e.g. on the Intellibox and on the TWIN-CENTER, on the EasyControl and ECoS. \ The digital format from Märklin-Motorola, DCC, FMZ and Selectrix can be used as single or mixed system.

Be a Digital-Professional : The unique digital book for the beginner and for the advanced model rail-roader

Driving – Switching – Feedback
Author: Henning Kriebel

Sample of contents:

  • Short and understandable: digital data transfer;
  • No problem: two- or three-conductor systems within the digital controlled operation;
  • Booster on small and bigger layouts;
  • Switching of turnouts, signals and illumination;
  • Control of turntables;
  • Feedback reports of two- and three-conductor systems;
  • Fast feedback reports via High Speed Interfaces (HSI);
  • Simple solutions of reverse loop problems.

And many more issues.
164 pages with 171 illustrations and 10 graphics
(available in German language only!).

Available ex warehouse.

> To product description: Be a Digital-Professional

Products for the Layout- and Ambient-Room-Light-Control

  • Comfortable PC-Layout- and Ambient-Room-Light-Control: Light@Night.
  • Universal Layout-Light-Control: Light-DEC.


  • LDT Digital-Compendium: The first chapter contains the 3 ring conductors of every digital layout as well as the required wire cross sections and the switching of the first turnouts. The second chapter contains our Light Signal-Decoders LS-DEC.

Model Layout Exhibition


Beside private Model-Railroader and Modelrailway-Clubs, there are using as well many others Model Railway Layout Exhibition our high-valuable and reliable Digital-Components for “Driving”, “Switching” and “Feedback”.

logo_miwula.jpgMore than 2500 LDT-Digital-Professional-Series Components are assembled and in action (below and behind) at the world-wide biggest model railway layout MiniaturWunderland at the Hamburg Speicherstadt in Germany!

Information to the Digital components

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