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Our company develops, manufactures and distributes digital electronic components for micro-controlled systems. Our enterprise is located in the south west of Schleswig-Holstein in the northern county of Germany, only a few miles outside the city of Hamburg.

Presently we offer, within the segment of model-railway-electronic, beside products out of the Digital-Professional-Series as well the comfortable PC-light control Light@Night for model railway layouts.

We supply digital decoders which are 100% compatible with the digital systems Märklin-Motorola and DCC either as ready to use completely tested finished modules, finished modules in a case or easy to assemble kits at very competitive prices. Each kit comes complete with a detailed assembly instruction. All integrated circuits (IC) are supplied with sockets allowing unproblematic assembly even by an untrained electronic amateur.

bausatz.jpg fertig.jpg gehaeuse.jpg
kit (-B) finished module (-F) finished module in a case (-G)

Beside private Model railroader and Model railroad clubs our high-quality and reliable digital components are used and implemented at several large model railway exhibition layouts.

For more printed details about our model railroad products please order our general product-catalogue (in German language only), including the price list and order form in our WebShop.

We are looking for distributors in European and non-European countries.
Would you be interested?

Our company develops and manufactures electronic accessories for digitally controlled model railroads. Please look through our short form description list shown above for details. We manufacture not only ready- assembled and tested units but specialized in supplying the model railroader with kits at low prices as well.

How to become a LDT dealer?

We are interested in companies who are already active in the sale of electronic and model railroads with a store to operate as distributor of our products abroad.

Should this be of interest to you, we would be grateful if you could send us details about your company for our consideration.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Please send a e-mail to us, if you require any further information.

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