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Meanwhile there are several digital central stations available on the market. It is not only a matter for the beginner to decide which components are suitable for the switching and feedback reports to the particular central unit. The new LDT Digital-Compendium shall help you to receive an overlook about the requirements and assure the continual control about your desired model railway layout.
The basic of our LDT Digital-Compendium are our Sample Connections, which are a valuable help for model railroader for planning and realization of digital model railroad layouts since several years.

  • Our first chapter contains the 3 ring conductors of every digital layout as well as the required wire cross sections and the switching of the first turnouts.
  • Within the second chapter you can obtain the information how to use the Light-Signal Decoder LS-DEC for the digital switching of your light signals.
  • The third section describes the connection of a switchboard panel within a layout with control by a model railway software. The switchboard panel will be completely integrated within the software control.Steuerung integriert.
  • How to proceed with the set-up of turntables with the Turntable-Decoder TT-DEC and TT-DEC-R within your Model-Railway software can be found at the chapter 4 and 5.
  • Within the first article to the subject: 'Implementing the Feedback-Reports via the HSI-88 / HSI-88-USB into the Model Railroad-Software' Thomas Arlitt describes the process for the TrainController(™) at the chapter 6.
  • At chapter 7 you can get information about the digital switching of Viessmann semaphore signals with pistons drive units.

Further chapters for the LDT Digital-Compendium will follow.
It is required that you have installed the Adobe Acrobat Reader on your PC. Click with the left mouse-key onto the selected compendium for viewing this file. With clicking with the right mouse-key onto the selected compendium you can download the file onto your computer.

Chapter 1

Digital driving and switching of dual-coil drives

Topic / Component

DiCoStation (3-rail conductor)

DiCoStation (2-rail conductor)
Central Station 3 (60226) / Märklin-Digital (3-rail conductor)

Central Station 3 (60226) (2-rail conductor)
Central Station 3 plus (60216) / Märklin-Digital (3-rail conductor)

Central Station 3 plus (60216) (2-rail conductor)
Central Station 2 (60213/60214/60215) / Märklin-Digital (3-rail conductor)

Central Station 2 (60214/60215) (2-rail conductor)
Central Station 1 (60212 as well as with ESU Upgrade 'Reloaded') / Märklin-Digital (3-rail conductor)

Central Station 1 (60212 as well as with ESU Upgrade 'Reloaded') (2-rail conductor)
Control Unit (6021) / Märklin-Digital (3-rail conductor)
Intellibox (3-rail conductor)

Intellibox (2-rail conductor)
Intellibox Basic (3-rail conductor)

Intellibox Basic (2-rail conductor)
IB-COM (3-rail conductor)

IB-COM (2-rail conductor)
IB-II (3-rail conductor)

IB-II (2-rail conductor)
Fleischmann TWIN-CENTER (2-rail conductor)
Fleischmann multiMAUS (2-rail conductor)
Fleischmann multiZENTRALEpro
Lenz Digital plus
Lenz Digital compact
Roco Digital (Lokmaus 1, 2, 3 and multiMAUS)
Roco Digital multiZENTRALEpro
Roco-/Fleischmann-Digital z21
Roco-/Fleischmann-Digital Z21
EasyControl (3-rail conductor)

EasyControl (2-rail conductor)

RedBox ( 3-rail conductor )

RedBox ( 2-rail conductor )
ECoS 2 (50200) (3-rail conductor)

ECoS 2 (50200) (2-rail conductor)
ECoS 1 (50000) (3-rail conductor)

ECoS 1 (50000) (2-rail conductor)
Commander (3-rail conductor)

Commander (2-rail conductor)

Chapter 2

Digital switching of Light Signals

Chapter 3

External Switchboard Panel for layouts with PC-Model Railway Software

Section 1: Key information via s88-feedback bus and switchboard panel illumination via DCC or Märklin-Motorola

Chapter 4

TurnTable-Decoder TT-DEC and Fleischmann or Märklin turntables implemented at your model railway software

Chapter 5

Set-up the Turntable-Decoder TT-DEC-R with Roco HO Turntable 42615 within the Model-Railway software

Topic / Component

Chapter 6

Implementing the Feedback-Reports via the HSI-88 / HSI-88-USB into the Model Railroad-Software

Topic / Component

Chapter 7

Digital switching of Viessmann semaphore signals with one and two drive units

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