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 +====== HSI-88-USB ======
 +== High Speed Interface for the s88-Feedbackbus! ==
 +The **HSI-88-USB** is a **Feedback-Interface** from a **s88-Feedbackbus** to an **USB-Interface** of a Computer.
 +The interface includes **three s88 bus-plugs**. This offers the advantage **of a much faster s88 bus handling** and the possibility to build up **three bus-lines** at the layout-system!
 +All **Feedback-Events** will be fast transmitted, **without any detour via the command station, via the USB-Interface directly to the PC**.
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 +====== Features of the HSI-88-USB ======
 +    * A **fast (1.1/2.0 Full-Speed USB-Connection) galvanically** isolated **connection to the computer** via **USB**. All **USB-Units** require a so called **USB-Unit Driver Software** which can be found on a file at the **CD „USB-Drivers for DiCoStation and HSI-88-USB“ attached** to the **HSI-88-USB**.
 +    * The **3 feedback lines** additionally **enhance** the **reading-time** of the s88-feedback bus by 3-times.
 +    * **3 feedback lines** will give you the advantage of a **more simple arrangement** of the feedback modules below your layout.
 +    * It is possible to monitor a total **of 31%%*%%16 feedback contacts** with one bus-line. But in summary of all three bus lines are not more than 31%%*%%16 contacts readable.
 +    * Besides **all standard-feedback-modules** such as **s88** from **Märklin** or our **[[:en:rm-88-n|RM-88-N]] / [[:en:rm-dec-88|RM-DEC-88]]** you can naturally operate on the **HSI-88-USB** as well our feedback modules witch optocoupling **[[:en:rm-88-n-o|RM-88-N-O]] / [[:en:rm-dec-88|RM-DEC-88-Opto]]** and our feedback modules with integrated track occupancy report **[[:en:rm-gb-8-n|RM-GB-8-N]] / [[:en:rm-gb-8|RM-GB-8]]**.
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 +==== Correct connection of the s88-standard feedback cables of all three feedback lines to the High Speed Interface HSI-88-USB: Right hand and at the middle an  interference-free twisted s88-standard bus cable from our delivery program. Left hand a ribbon-cable from Märklin or other manufacturer. ====
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 +==== With the adapter Adap-HSI-s88-N is it possible to connect s88-Feedback Modules such as RM-88-N, RM-88-N-O or RM-GB-8-N directly via the screened Patch-Kabel to the HSI-88-USB in accordance to s88-N. For this connection shall be the Adapter Adap-HSI-s88-N simply plugged onto the three  6-poles pinbar of the HSI-88-USB. ====
 +    * The **HSI-88-USB** operates **event-driven**: any changes on the tracks **are reported immediate to the PC**. This **saves substantial PC resources** and **reduces the response time considerable** because the pc has not to request cyclical about changes but gets all **updated** changes **reported from the interface**.
 +    * If you want to use an own written **model-rail-way-software** for the communication with the interface **HSI-88-USB** you can find the relevant **programming-commands** within the next section!
 +    *  Each **Feedback-Interface HSI-88-USB** will be supplied together with an **USB-Connection Cable** for the connection to the PC.
 +    *  We supply the **HSI-88-USB incl.** a **CD with USB-Software-Driver** for **Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista** (each for 32- and 64-Bit) as well as **Windows XP, 2000, ME** and **98**. 
 +    * The actual **HSI-88-USB firmware** and the **actual USB-Drivers** can be downloaded within the **next section**.
 +    * Each **Interface HSI-88-USB** will be supplied with a detailed **manual** incl. **installation-instruction and various sample-screenshots**. Those instructions can be found within the next section.
 +    * The finished module in a case comes with **24 month warranty**.
 +    * The **HSI-88-USB** is available as a tested **finished module in a case (-G)**.
 +====== Downloads ======
 +Instructions regarding this article can be found here: [[:en:dl_hsi_88_usb|Downloads HSI-88-USB]].\\
 +Instructions for all LDT-Components can be found here: [[:en:downloads|Overview Downloads]].
 +====== Sample-Connections ======
 +Sample-connections regarding this article can be found here: [[:en:ab_hsi_88_usb|Sample-Connections HSI-88-USB]].\\
 +Sample-connections for all LDT-Components can be found here: [[:en:anschlussbeispiele|Overview Sample-Connections]].\\
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 +====== Add to Wish List / Prices ======
 +**Attention: Products can only be added to the Wish List, if you are registered as customer at the LDT WebShop or if you are initially registered by interest of our products.**
 +^{{:de:images:noticelist_m.png}} | \\ <html>Add to <b><u class="linkit" onclick="toNoticeList('030913');">Wish List</u></b></html>: **HSI-88-USB-G (Art.-Nr.: 030913): High Speed Interface** for the **s88-feedbackbus** as a **finished module in a case** (**129,90 €***).\\ {{:de:images:blindgif.gif?580x1}} \\  ** * All prices incl. VAT, plus Shipping.**  |
 +====== HSI-88-USB compatibility list ======
 +Please see in the table below which **model railway software** already supports the **High Speed Interface HSI-88-USB**:
 +^Brand ^Company/Internet Site ^HSI-88 compatible ^from version |
 +^Railroad & Co.(TrainController) |Freiwald Software  [[https://www.freiwald.com|www.freiwald.com]]  |  yes  |  5.8 D1  |
 +^Railware |Railware Andrea Hinz  [[https://railware.de|railware.de]]  |  yes  |  5.04  |
 +^Soft-Lok |Firma Schapals [[https://www.softlok.de|www.softlok.de]]  |  not yet  |  -  |
 +^WIN-Digipet |Dr. Peterlin [[https://www.windigipet.de|www.windigipet.de]]  |  yes  |  ProX  |
 +^Koploper |P. Haagsma [[https://www.pahasoft.nl|www.pahasoft.nl]]  |  not yet  |  -  |
 +^railX |W. Schwickardi [[http://www.railX.de|www.railX.de]]  |  yes  |  6.2  |
 +^RocRail |[[https://wiki.rocrail.net/doku.php|wiki.rocrail.net]]  |  not yet  |  -  |
 +^DDL - DigitalDirect for Linux |[[http://www.vogt-it.com/OpenSource/DDL/|www.vogt-it.com/OpenSource/DDL/]]  |  not yet  |  -  |
 +^iTrain |[[https://www.berros.eu/en/itrain|www.berros.eu/itrain]]  |  Windows / Java 7  |  2.1  |
 +^ModellStw |[[http://www.modellstw.eu|www.modellstw.eu]]  |  yes  |  6.22  |
 +[[:en:hsi-88-usb#hsi-88-usb|{{  :de:images:zurueck_en_page.png?40x32}}]] Subject to technical changes and errors.\\
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