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 +====== WD-DEC ======
 +=== Effective Installation Protection: Supervision of the pc-supported digital model rail road! ===
 +The **WatchDog decoder WD-DEC** is a **Watchdog** for your **pc-supported digital model rail road**. If the **model railway software** has **lost the control** about the layout, the **WD-DEC** will **switch the tracks free** of current via the connected boosters and **all trains will be immediately stopped**.
 +Non-controlled running trains and the subsequences will be a matter of the past.
 +{{  :de:foto:wd-dec_21_01.jpg  }}
 +====== Features of the WD-DEC ======
 +    * **Function: The WatchDog decoder** shall be connected between the command station and the first booster. In case the pc will not send every 5 seconds a normal switch command to the **WatchDog decoder**, the **WD-DEC** concludes that the model rail way is out of control of the pc. To prevent the non-controlled running of trains the **WatchDog decoder** disconnects the boosters from the central unit. The rails will be voltage-free **and all trains will stop**.
 +    * Therefore the WatchDog decoder is not only absolutely necessary for exibitional model rail roads. The **WD-DEC** has been installed for example to every computer connected to the exibition model rail road at **[[:en:modellbahn_schauanlagen#miwu|Miniatur-Wunderland]]** at Hamburger Speicherstadt/Germany since November 2002. **By using a WD-DEC your model rail road can operate without continuous observation at your ease**.
 +    * The **WD-DEC** will not only monitor **the pc, but also the command station** at the same time. If the command station is not reacting to the commands of the computer the **WatchDog decoder will go into action**.
 +    * The **WD-DEC** accepts **Märklin-Motorola-** and **DCC-commands**. The required data format will be adjusted with the implementation of a connector bridge.
 +    * The **central unit** can be connected to the  **boosters** directly via the **5-poles boosterbus (Märklin-Digital, Intellibox, TWIN-CENTER)**. Is there no 5-poles booster-bus available at the command station (e.g. **Lenz Digital plus**), the connection to the boosters will be done via the **screw-clamps** on the **WD-DEC**.
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 +==== Sample application: One or more boosters supply the digital drive current (at the sample power 3) to the rails. The first booster will be connected over the 5-poles booster-bus via the WatchDog decoder to the command station (at the sample Intellibox). The WD-DEC will be connected to a digital voltage and an external voltage as any other decoder. ====
 +    * The finished module in a case comes with **24 month warranty**.
 +    * Each **WatchDog-Decoder WD-DEC** will be supplied with a detailed operating-/ assembly instruction. Those instructions can be found within the next section.
 +    * The **WatchDog-Decoder WD-DEC** is available as a **kit (-B)** or as checked **finished module in a case (-G)**. Suitable **assembly material** for the kit is available under [[:en:zubehoer|Accessories]].
 +    * Each **WD-DEC** comes with a booster cable (1 meter length) for the 5-poles booster-bus (Märklin-Digital, Intellibox, TWIN-CENTER) for the immediate assembly.
 +====== Downloads ======
 +Instructions regarding this article can be found here: [[:en:dl_wd_dec|Downloads WD-DEC]].\\
 +Instructions for all LDT-Components can be found here: [[:en:downloads|Overview Downloads]].
 +====== Sample-Connections ======
 +Sample-connections regarding this article can be found here: [[:en:ab_wd_dec|Sample-Connections WD-DEC]].\\
 +Sample-connections for all LDT-Components can be found here: [[:en:anschlussbeispiele|Overview Sample-Connections]].\\
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 +====== Add to Wish List / Prices ======
 +**Attention: Products can only be added to the Wish List, if you  are registered as customer at the LDT WebShop or if you are initially registered by interest of our products.**
 +^{{:de:images:noticelist_m.png}} |{{:de:images:blindgif.gif?350x1}}\\ <html>Add to <b><u class="linkit" onclick="toNoticeList('010011');">Wish List</u></b></html>: **WD-DEC-B** (Part-No.: 010011): **WatchDog-Decoder** as a **kit** (**50,50 €***).\\ <html>Add to <b><u class="linkit" onclick="toNoticeList('010013');">Wish List</u></b></html>: **WD-DEC-G** (Part-No.: 010013): **WatchDog-Decoder** as a **finished module in a case**\\ (**68,90 €***).\\  {{:de:images:blindgif.gif?580x1}}\\  ** * All prices incl. VAT, plus Shipping.**\\ (For **Märklin-Motorola** and **DCC**) |
 +====== WD-DEC software compatibility ======
 +The below table indicates which **model railroad software** supports the WatchDog decoder **WD-DEC**:
 +^{{:de:images:simple_line.gif?60}}Brand{{:de:images:simple_line.gif?60}}^  {{:de:images:simple_line.gif?70}}Company/Internet Site{{:de:images:simple_line.gif?70}}  ^  {{:de:images:simple_line.gif?30}}WD-DEC support{{:de:images:simple_line.gif?30}}  |
 +^**TrainController**  |Freiwald Software [[https://www.freiwald.com|www.freiwald.com]]  |  **yes**  |
 +^**Railware**  |Railware Andrea Hinz [[https://railware.de|railware.de]]  |  **yes**  |
 +^**Soft-Lok**  |Firma Schapals [[https://www.softlok.de|www.softlok.de]]  |  **9.1**  |
 +^**WIN-Digipet**  |Dr. Peterlin [[https://www.windigipet.de|www.windigipet.de]]  |  **8.5**  |
 +^**railX**  |W. Schwickardi [[http://www.railX.de|www.railX.de]]  |  not yet  |
 +^**RocRail**  |[[https://wiki.rocrail.net/doku.php|wiki.rocrail.net]]  |  not yet  |
 +^**DDL - DigitalDirect for Linux**  |[[http://www.vogt-it.com/OpenSource/DDL/|www.vogt-it.com/OpenSource/DDL/]]  |  not yet  |
 +^iTrail |[[https://www.berros.eu/en/itrain|www.berros.eu/itrain]]  |  not yet  |
 +^**ModellStw**  |[[http://www.modellstw.eu/|www.modellstw.eu]]  |  not yet  |
 +[[:en:wd-dec#wd-dec|{{  :de:images:zurueck_en_page.png?40x32}}]] Subject to technical changes and errors.\\
 +© 2019 by LDT
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