4fold turnout decoder for Märklin-Motorola from our Digital-Professional-Series !
The QS-DEC-II is not anymore available.

Please select the 4-fold turnout-decoder S-DEC-4-MM with an external power supply.


QS-DEC-II with dimensions of 70 x 70 mm.

Features of the QS-DEC-II

For the digital control of:

  • up to four twin-coil magnetic accessories (e.g. turnouts or signals of M-, K- and C-rails)
  • up to eight single-coil devices (e.g. uncoupling tracks of M-, K- and C-rails)
  • up to four permanent power switch units (DSU) (e.g. road-/house illumination and turnout lights)

Simple and secure connection of turnouts, signals or uncoupling tracks by screw clips.

QS-DEC-II is a 4-fold decoder with self learning decoder address:

  • The decoder address can be set just by pushing the QS-DEC-II programming key and then the key of the KEYBOARD, SWITCHBOARD or by a switch command through a PC with connected INTERFACE.
  • No more annoying searches and adjustments of miniature switches from never ending address tables!
  • The decoder address is permanently stored, but can always be changed by pressing the programming key again. It’s as simple as that !

The decoder outputs 1, 2 and 3 are strengthened for e.g. switching simultaneous 2 turnouts or 1 turnout and 1 signal.

  • The decoder from our Digital-Professional-Series can be operated without any difficulty on your digital controlled model railway. This decoder is 100% compatible to the ‘extended Motorola-data format’.
  • The finished module comes with 24 month warranty.
  • Each QS-DEC-II decoder will be supplied with a detailed operating-/respectively assembly instruction. Those instructions can be found within the next section.


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Sample-connections regarding this not anymore available article can be found here: Sample-Connections QS-DEC-II.
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