8-fold Feedback Module with integrated occupancy detector

for the s88-feedback bus for s88-standard connection and RJ-45 sockets in accordance to s88-N from the Digital-Professional-Series !

The feedback module RM-GB-8-N is equipped for s88-standard connections with 6-poles pin bars and for bus connections according to s88-N with screened RJ-45 sockets.

Features of the RM-GB-8-N

  • For the connection to command stations and interfaces, which supports the s88-feedback bus: e.g.
    • Märklin Interface (up to 62 units),
    • Märklin Memory (up to 6 units),
    • Central Station 1 and 2 (up to 62 units),
    • Central Station 3 and 3 plus via L88 with 5V s88-bus voltage (up to 62 units per Bus 1 to 3),
    • Intellibox/TWIN-CENTER (up to 62 units),
    • EasyControl (up to 62 units),
    • ECoS (up to 62 units),
    • Commander (up to 62 units),
    • HSI-88(-USB) (up to 62 units) und
    • DiCoStation (up to 62 units).
  • It is suitable for the control of 8 track sections with a current load up to 3 Ampere. A short peak current up to 7 Ampere will be acceptable. Isolated rails or track sections to be monitored have to be simply connected to the output clamps of the feedback module to get a digital current supply. The track section can be isolated on one or on both sides.
  • The 8-fold feedback Module RM-GB-8-N with integrated track occupancy report is separated into two 4-fold occupancy devices. Therefore is it possible to monitor tracks of two different booster circuits. The separation into two 4-fold track occupancy devices simplifies as well the monitoring of reverse-loops. More information about this issue can be found within the file Reversing loop monitoring at the download section.
  • Including an integrated voltage monitor: If there is no voltage at the tracks (e.g. after short circuit) the occupied identification will be “frozen” during the interruption.
  • For the feedback module is no additional power supply required. This reduces the wiring effort.
  • The Feedback Module RM-GB-8-N is for s88-standard connections equipped with 6-poles pin bars and for bus connections according to s88-N with screened RJ-45 sockets.

Additional information about the standard s88-N which will be supported by other
manufacturers as well can be found here: http://www.s88-N.eu.
  • The RM-GB-8-N shall be operated only with a s88-bus voltage of 5V. If the Digital-command station or the Interface offers the possibility to use either 5V or 12V for the s88-buss voltage the 5V has to be selected. The operation at the s88-connection on the bottom of the Märklin Central Station 3 (CS3) plus (60216) with a constant s88-bus voltage of 12 Volt will not be permitted because this will damage the feedback module. Together with the CS3 (60116) and the CS3 plus (60216) is it possible to operate the RM-GB-8-N via the Märklin Module L88 (60883). It is absolutely required to set the L88 sliding switch onto a s88-bus voltage of 5Volt.
  • If the screening of the bus connections in accordance to s88-N requires a connection to the layout ground is it possible to solder a grounded cable to the metal housing of a RJ-45 socket.

  • The feedback module RM-GB-8-N can be combined as required with the feedback module RM-88-N / RM-88-N-O and RM-DEC-88 / RM-DEC-88-O / RM-GB-8 with the s88-feedback module from Märklin and other suppliers.
  • The unit is available as ready to use finished module, as finished module in a case or as kit on a 110×96 mm printed circuit board with four fastening bores (an empty case LDT-02 and suitable assembly material can be found under Accessory).
  • The feedback module RM-GB-8-N from the Digital-Professional-Series can be operated without any problem on your digital controlled layout because it is 100% compatible to the s88-feedback bus.
  • The finished module and the finished module in a case comes with 24 month warranty.
  • Each feedback module RM-GB-8-N will be supplied with a detailed operating-/respectively assembly-instruction. Those instructions can be found within the next section.
  • You can purchase the feedback module as a kit (-B), as tested finished module (-F) or as tested finished module in a case (-G).


Instructions regarding this article can be found here: Downloads RM-GB-8-N.
Instructions for all LDT-Components can be found here: Overview Downloads.


Sample-connections regarding this article can be found here: Sample-Connections RM-GB-8-N.
Sample-connections for all LDT-Components can be found here: Overview Sample-Connections.

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To assure a good connection: s88-Bus Cable!

  • The feedback module RM-GB-8-N will be supplied without s88-bus cable. Please select a suitable bus cable (length and style) at the following table. For the s88-standard connection we supply an interference protected, twisted s88-bus cable with original s88-plugs at length of 0,5m, 1m and 2m. s88-standard connections are always required for the connection of the first feedback module to the command station or interface.
  • We offer for s88-bus connections in accordance to a blue screened patch cable with RJ-45 plugs at four different length of 0,5 to 3m.
  • The feedback module RM-88-N, RM-88-N-O and RM-GB-8-N can be connected between each other either via s88-standard connection “Kabel s88” or via “Kabel Patch” according to.
s88-standard connection with 2 original s88-plugs, gray cable, twisted, round. Plus pin bar for bus extension.
Kabel s88 0,5m
Kabel s88 1m
Kabel s88 2m
s88-connection according to with 2 RJ-45 plugs, blue cable, screened.
Kabel Patch 0,5m
Kabel Patch 1m
Kabel Patch 2m
Kabel Patch 3m

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