For a digital control of turntables without any alteration at the turntable! For the digital formats Märklin-Motorola and DCC.


Features of the TT-DEC

The TurnTable-Decoder TT-DEC is suitable for the digital control of Fleischmann-, Roco and Märklin-Turntables as per below table:

Gauge H0 Gauge N Gauge TT
max. 48 track connections max. 48 track connections max. 24 track connections
Fleischmann 6052, 6152, 6154, 6651
(each with and without “C”),
6652 (with 3-rail conductor)
9152 or 9152C 6680 or 6680C
Roco 35900
Märklin 7286

The command-set of the TT-DEC is compatible to the Märklin Turntable-Decoder 7686. This is a component of the Märklin Digital-Retrofit Kit 7687 for the Turntable 7286. Therefore is an immediate start of the TT-DEC on any command station or model railway software possible which is supporting the Märklin Turntable-Decoder 7686 respectively the Digital-Retrofit Kit 7687.

The digital format (Märklin-Motorola or DCC) and the location of the pit track connections are easily programmable via any command station which is able to switch turnouts or via a model railway software which supports the Märklin turntable 7686. Any pit track connection of the turntable can be programmed as track 1 (reference track).

Turntables with 48 or 24 track connections can be directly digital controlled by the TT-DEC.

The TT-DEC permits the step by step rotation to the right- or left side, the direct connection with pre-selected tracks and turning the movement direction of the turntable by 180 degree.

The rotation speed of the turntable can be individually adjusted via a potentiometer. The motor of the turntable receives a stabilised direct voltage for a steady turning movement of the bridge track.

The Turntable-Decoder TT-DEC is as well able of a digital operation of Märklin- und Fleischmann-turntables with a refit of a Bell-type armature motor supplied by sb modellbau.

The plug of the 6-poles ribbon cable of the Märklin-Turntable 7286 can be directly plugged onto the pin plug bar of the TT-DEC.

If the Turntable-Decoder TT-DEC will be extended by a PermanentPowerSwitch Unit DSU is always a correct polarity connection of the bridge track on the 2-conductor-Fleischmann turntables possible. Therefore is no reversing loop module for the bridge track required.

Turntable-Decoder TT-DEC with PermanentPowerSwitch Unit DSU for the polarity of the bridge track.

If the turntable will be in the line-up track position this can be reported to the model railway software via the feedback output of the Turntable-Decoder TT-DEC.

The finished module in a case comes with 24 month warranty.
Each TurnTable-Decoder TT-DEC will be supplied with a detailed operating-/ assembly instruction. Those instructions can be found within the next section.

The TT-DEC is available as a kit (-B) or as checked finished module in a case (-G). Suitable assembly material for the kit is available under Accessories.


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