DigitalBooster (for 2.5 or 4.5 Ampere) from the Digital-Professional-Series!

Amplification of the data formats Märklin-Motorola, mfx®, M4 and DCC.

The DigitalBooster DB-4 is a short circuit protected Power-Amplifier (Booster) for digital model railway layouts. It provides a digital current of up to 2.5 or 4.5 Ampere.

With the galvanic separated booster connections is it possible to connect the DigitalBooster DB-4 to several command stations.

The sample connection shows how to connect the DB-4 to the Central Station 2 with the “Kabel Booster 1m” via the 5-poles booster bus. An own isolated track section will be provided with up to 2.5 or 4.5 Ampere digital current.

Features of the DB-4

  • The DigitalBooster DB-4 amplifies the data formats Märklin-Motorola, mfx®, M4 and DCC.
  • The galvanic separated booster connections enables the application of the DigitalBooster DB-4 in connection with several command stations by using the 5-poles Boosterbus, the CDE-Boosterbus or the Roco-Boosterbus:
5-poles booster bus CDE-booster bus Roco-booster bus
Control Unit X
Central Station 1 X X
Central Station 2 X
Central Station 3 und 3 plus X
Mobile Station 2 with Track Box X
ECoS 1 (50000) X X
ECoS 2 (50200) X X
Intellibox 1 X X
IB-Basic X
Intellibox 2 X X
EasyControl / RedBox X X
DiCoStation X
KeyCommander X
Roco 10761 (multiMAUS) X
Roco 10764 (multiMAUS) X
Fleischmann 680801 (multiMAUS) X
Roco / Fleischmann multiZENTRALEpro X
Roco / Fleischmann z21 and Z21 X
Digikeijs Digicentral DR5000 X
PIKO SmartControl X
Lenz Digital plus LZ100 X
Lenz Digital plus LZV200 X
Viessmann Commander X X

  • The DigitalBooster DB-4 will not get the power supply from a common model railway transformer but from the DB-4 PowerSupply. This power supply provides a stabilized digital track current of 15, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 Volt as required to the relevant track gauge. The 120VA DB-4-PowerSupply is suitable for the operation on mains voltage of 110 to 240 VAC and a frequency of 50 to 60 Hertz.

Further special features will provide a smooth operation not only for PC and Model Railway Software controlled Model railway layouts:

  • With a jumper (“Short Report”) can be the DigitalBooster DB-4 set to the function that a short circuit will be reported to the command station to initiate a switch-off of all boosters or switching off the single track section where the short circuit was reported from.
  • With the jumper (“Auto Go”) can be the DigitalBooster DB-4 set to the function that the unit will continuous check every 5 sec. if a short circuit will be present. If the short circuit will be solved the DigitalBooster DB-4 will supply the relevant track section with current again.
  • With a further Jumper is it possible to set the maximum digital output current of the DigitalBooster DB-4 to 2.5 or 4.5 Ampere.
  • The DigitalBooster DB-4 provides the possibility to switch-OFF and -ON the current at the tracks of the layout by external push buttons. This can be helpful if the stop button of the command station will be at a far distance by a critical situation.
  • If the model railway layout will be controlled by a PC-Model Railway Software is it possible to switch the track digital current ON or Off via the Digital Booster DB-4 if required with the Märklin-Motorola- or DCC-Commands.
  • Integrated WatchDog-Function: If the WatchDog-Function will be activated by the model railway software, the DB-4 will control additionally the PC and the command station. If the PC or the model railway software will not get in contact to the DB-4 every 5 seconds with a switch command is the software of the PC- or the command station crashed and the model railway software has no longer control about the model railway layout. To avoid that trains will travel non-controlled the DB-4 will switch in this case the rails off from power supply and all trains will be stopped.
  • The DigitalBooster-DB-4 provides a Feedback-Output for the Booster Management of the Model Railway Software to provide a report to the model railway software if presently a current will be supplied to the tracks or if the tracks at the booster section will be current free.
  • The DigitalBooster DB-4 is able to create the RailCom®-cutout within the DCC-Operation provided that the jumper “RailCom” has been inserted.
  • LDT-Components from the Digital-Professional-Series can operate on your digital layout without any problems.
  • The finished module in a case comes with 24 month warranty.
  • Each DigitalBooster DB-4 will be supplied with a detailed operating-/respectively assembly-instruction. Those instructions can be found within the next section.
  • You can purchase the DigitalBooster DB-4 as a kit (-B) or as a tested finished module in a case (-G). Suitable assembly material is available under Accessories.


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Add to Wish List: DB-4-B (Part-No.: 080071): Short circuit protected DigitalBooster (2.5 / 4.5 Ampere) as a kit (84,90 €*).
Add to Wish List: DB-4-G (Part-No.: 080073): Short circuit protected DigitalBooster (2.5 / 4.5 Ampere) as a
finished module in a case (129,90 €*).

Add to Wish List: DB-4 PowerSupply (Part-No.: 000135): Power Supply for the Digital Booster DB-4 as a
finished module in a case (49,90 €*).

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To assure a good connection: Booster Bus Cable!

  • We supply the DigitalBooster DB-4 without booster bus cable. Please select a suitable cable from the below table.
For a connection via the 5-poles Booster bus e.g. with Märklin Control Unit, Central Station 1 and 2, DiCoStation, KeyCom and Intellibox, TWIN-CENTER, EasyControl, ECoS, Commander and further DigitalBooster DB-4 to each other.
Kabel Booster 1m
For a connection via the CDE-Booster bus e.g. Lenz Digital plus, Intellibox, IB-BASIC, IB-COM, TWIN-CENTER, EasyControl, ECoS and Commander.
There is no special booster bus cable required because the connection will be made individual by three single wires via the CDE clamps.
For a connection via the Roco-Booster bus with Roco 10761/10764, Fleischmann 680801, multiZENTRALEpro, z21/Z21, Digikeijs Digicentral DR5000 and several DigitalBooster DB-4 between each other.
Kabel Roco 1m

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