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Light-Power-Module for the Light Control Light@Night and Light-DEC

Light-Power-Modules contain 24 light outputs with a max. current-load of 2.5 Ampere each.

Features of the Light-Power-Module

  • Light-Power-Modules contain 24 outputs with a possible max. current load of 2.5 Ampere each. With reason to the possible high current output they are suitable for switching simultaneous many incandescent model railway lamps e.g. switching simultaneously light poles of one street.
  • The Light-Power-Modules have to be supplied with 12 to 24 Volt DC.
  • Connect the Light-Power-Module to the Light-Interface (LI-LPT or LI-LAN) of the PC-Light-Control Light@Night or to the Light-DEC-Basis-Module of the Light Control Light-DEC via the 10-poles pin-plug-bar.
  • On the other side of the module is a 10-poles pin-plug-bar for the direct connection of the next Light-Power- or Light-Display-Module.
  • The Module do not need to be connected directly to each other. It is as well possible to connect the module via the “Kabel L@N” or via the screened and therefore interference protected “Kabel Patch” (from Light-Display Version 1.7 and Light-Power Version 1.2).
  • You can purchase the Light-Power-Module as tested finished module (-F). Suitable assembly material can be found under Accessories.
  • Each Module will be supplied with a detailed operating-instruction. Those instructions can be found within the download-section.
  • The finished module comes with a 24 month warranty.

Light-Power-Module and Light@Night

The PC-Light-Control Light@Night consists of one Interface (LI-LPT or LI-LAN) and of up to 7 Light-Modules. Therefore is it possible to equip max. 280 light outputs with various light effects and switch those individually.

Light-Power-Module on the Interface LI-LAN of the PC-Light-Control Light@Night.

Light-Power-Module and Light-DEC

The universal Light-Control Light-DEC consist of one Light-DEC-Basis-Module and as minimum of one Light-Module. 44 light functions can be free assigned to max. 160 light outputs. This represents 7 Light-Power-Modules which are in action on one Light-DEC-Basis-Module.

Basic unit of the Layout-Light-Control Light-DEC with the Light-DEC-Basis-Module (at the sample connection right) and the minimum of one Light-Module (Light-Display – at the sample connection left – or Light-Power), which has to be plugged to the side of the Basic-Module.


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